I was very fortunate to have a very lovely last name.  “Asplund” is Swedish for “aspen grove”, which in my mind depicts a very beautiful picture and is wonderful for illustrating my views for Asplund Media.  I have grown up in Alberta, Canada, and after going to college in Lethbridge and continuing my education further in Vancouver, decided I would forever call Souther Alberta my home.
My professional education includes Lethbridge College’s Multimedia Program (g. 2010) and Capilano University’s Commercial Animation Program (g. 2012) both with honours with distinction.

My education along with my experience in the field of media have helped me to gain a great skillset and develop my talents in the industry.

When I’m not working on projects, I like taking photos, family history, reading, horse riding, drawing, doing farm stuff and putting “u” s in American words. I also love history and my home in Southern Alberta!


a NWMP webcomic by Natalie Asplund

Natalie Asplund’s illustration portfolio


(currently not taking unrepresented illustration work)